Customized Health Journeys

Unlock Your Path to Optimal Health

At SYNC Life, we harness the power of advanced medical assessments like cellular micronutrient and genetic testing to pinpoint your unique health needs. From there, our experts craft a personalized lifestyle plan tailored to your needs and goals while meticulously tracking your progress to ensure real, measurable results. 

Whether you're aiming to boost energy, manage weight or enhance overall well-being, each track option provides tailored treatments and hands-on support. From one-on-one consultations with our pharmacist and nurse practitioner to expert meal-planning guidance and customized pharmaceuticals and supplements, we're dedicated to your success.

How We Do It

Take control of your health with SYNC Life. We all face unique health challenges that impact our performance and wellness, but it’s time to stop settling for normal and start aiming for optimal. Through our personalized plans, we empower you to optimize your health and elevate your lifestyle.

Month 0-1

Measure Baseline
Science-Backed Testing
Begin your journey down a track of wellness and vitality with SYNC Life’s blood test that measures over 100 biomarkers, including cellular micronutrient levels, that drive your mental and physical well-being.
One-on-One Consultation
We believe in the power of knowledge. That's why we conduct one-on-one consultations to thoroughly review your test results. Our experts guide you through each result, providing vital information and addressing all your questions to help you live a happier, healthier life.
Personalized Care Plan
With this targeted approach, you will receive a clinical report and a personalized care plan created by our IFM-certified physician, nurse practitioner and pharmacist that will help you think clearer, perform better and live longer.

Months 2-5

Get Optimized
Put Your Personalized Plan into Action
We’ll work with you on quick wins to improve how you feel and perform before moving on to other goals.
3-Month Check-In
Meet with your SYNC clinician to discuss your progress and identify the following steps to address your priorities.

Months 6-9

Progress Tracking
Check-In & Progress Tracking
At SYNC Life, we're focused on outcomes, ensuring your personalized care plan propels you toward your health goals. Through regular check-ins, we track your progress, providing tangible results to guide your health journey effectively.
6-Month Appointment
We’ll retest your wellness biomarkers, track how your body is responding and fine-tune your plan. You’ll also meet with your SYNC clinician to identify your next set of priorities.

Month 12+

Actively Maintain
12-Month Appointment
We’ll retest wellness biomarkers and micronutrient levels to fine-tune your plan and address changing wellness goals.
Actively Maintain
Wellness optimization is not a one-and-done approach. Your body is dynamic and continues to change as you age. Your membership allows you to spot new issues and make the right moves at the right time.

Our Treatments

At SYNC, our science-backed treatments provide patients with anti-aging services, autoimmune solutions, metabolic therapy and more. From IV therapy and infrared sauna services to professional-grade supplements and regenerative aesthetic services, our holistic approach harnesses the power of functional medicine to promote optimal health from the inside out.