Personalized Vitamin Packs

What are SYNC Packs?

Discover SYNC packs, your personalized solution for daily nutrition. Designed for convenience, SYNC packs offer a balanced supply of essential vitamins and minerals tailored to your unique needs. Each pack contains professional-grade supplements manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring you receive the nutrients necessary for peak performance.

With our SYNC packs, we create personalized supplement plans based on your micronutrient testing results. Combining these tests gives you valuable insights into your body's nutritional requirements, disease prevention and optimal health.

The Benefits of SYNC Packs

Unlock optimal health with SYNC Packs, your daily dose of balanced vitamins and minerals. By providing an ideal blend tailored to your needs, SYNC Packs mitigate the risk of nutrient deficiencies and promote optimal body function. Experience the benefits of improved overall health and vitality with SYNC Packs.


  • Optimal nutrient balance based on your body’s individual needs


  • Take exactly what you need without organizing bottles


  • Cheaper than buying large bottles of every vitamin you need

Optimal absorption

  • SYNC supplements have the highest bioavailability

Reduced toxicity risk

  • Take only the dose that’s safe and effective for you

Easy to remember

  • Simply take your SYNC pack as part of your daily routine

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When added to a healthy diet and lifestyle, SYNC packs can give you a major boost in general health and wellness. You can also add other types of personalized care, like intravenous (IV) therapy or the weight loss program, to optimize your health. Contact us today to learn more about SYNC packs and to schedule your consultation today!

SYNC Life Success Stories

Hear From Our Thriving Community

I’ve received great health benefits from my experience with the wonderful people at Sync Wellness! From blood analysis to custom IVs, the experts at Sync have helped me improve my physical and mental well being.

Scott R.

I discovered Sync at a pop up event at my health club along with a glowing recommendation from a friend there. I knew I needed more than the over the counter vitamins and supplements I was taking due to some malabsorption issues I have and after speaking with Angie and Jennifer I could tell they had a wealth of knowledge and the tools to help me so I signed up. They found some additional deficiencies I wasn’t aware I had, met with me for an in depth discussion and developed a supplement and hormone treatment plan. Within a month I felt so much better and my metabolism even picked up losing 8 pounds with very little change to my food plan or exercise regimen. I am so thankful for Sync for changing my life and the staff are so very knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend!!

Leah R.

Love Sync! They are very knowledgeable and have helped me greatly on my health journey!

Kristin H.

The team at SYNC has truly changed my life! Initially, I was curious to see what was going on inside my body but when my inflammation markers returned at an 18, I knew I had to make a change. Following their program and with their continual support, balancing my hormones, optimizing detoxification, and restoring my nutrient deficiencies, my inflammation markers dropped from 18 to a 0.6 after one year and are back in a safe range. I wake up with more energy, and my mood has improved dramatically. I’ve even lost 34 pounds!

Jennifer M.

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